Challenges posed by clients and the complexity of modern national and international corporate and tax law require counseling at the highest level. Applicants are expected to have graduated top of their class. We reward professional interest, as evidenced by a doctorate or master’s degree in law. The ability to conduct negotiations in English is essential.

We provide candidates opportunity to work with a small, specialized team of attorneys/tax advisors on intellectually challenging cases. As we deliberately continue to pursue slow, but steady growth, we provide budding attorneys a highly relevant partnership perspective. The high expectations we have for the qualifications of our applicants are reflected in above-average compensation levels, with early participation in their own entrepreneurial contribution.

Our counselors are used to independent and entrepreneurial thinking. Therefore, we seek applicants who will be stimulated and motivated by integrating into our team. Our future colleagues should have outstanding professional qualifications and be dedicated lawyers, who by virtue of their personality are able to establish long-lasting relationships with clients.

If you are interested in joining our team, please address your application to Dr. Arne Friese or Dr. Armin Hergeth.